The Jihadist Next Door

Mar 18, 2024 | Religion, Videos

The Jihadist Next Door is a gripping new documentary focusing on Abu Rumaysah, a British family man who has been radicalized for over a decade. He advocates for the implementation of strict Sharia law in the United Kingdom and threatens escalation of violence if the British government continues its attempts to oppress and persecute members of his movement. Soon after, he is known across the globe by a different name – Siddhartha Dhar – after participating in a taped execution of suspected spies against ISIS.

This film chronicles the two year investigation of this extremist group in Britain, giving viewers an unvarnished look at their inner workings. It begins with street-level tensions between Kurdish activists and radical Islamic recruiters, then delves into understanding the philosophies motivating these radicalized individuals. We hear from one interviewee who responds to tragic acts like those in Paris with “the chickens coming home to roost.”

This documentary provides an invaluable insight into homegrown terrorism and should be watched by anyone interested in learning more about this dark force threatening our world today. The filmmaker himself expresses immense conflict during his investigation; it is difficult to watch but it’s also necessary to understand the complexities at play behind closed doors.

The Jihadist Next Door can serve as an important source of education about extremism and its effects on our society. This film sheds light on how people can become entrapped by dangerous ideas and ideologies that have real consequences far beyond the borders of any single country. Watch it now to gain an understanding of how extremism works – both abroad and at home – and why we must remain vigilant against it everywhere we live.

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David B