Crisis in Catalonia: a society divided

Nov 22, 2023 | Political, Social, Videos

The move to postpone Catalonia’s independence has done little to calm tensions in the region. Although those who favor independence will continue their efforts, the Spanish government has made it clear that it will do all it can to “maintain order” in the region.
The struggle for Catalan independence dates back to the dictatorship of Francisco Franco, and the modern independence movement continues to gain momentum. However, supporters of Franco’s policies can still be found in Barcelona, openly displaying their right-wing sympathies. Meanwhile, many Catalonians are concerned about the severe economic consequences of secession, with some major companies having already moved their headquarters out of the region.In a new documentary, “Crisis in Catalonia: A Society Divided,” reporter Christopher Bobyn delves into the complexity and nuances of this crisis by meeting with a regional MP who supports independence, and a young man who favors a united Spain.

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David B