Newton: The Dark Heretic

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A BBC documentary reveals for the first time, the original manuscript where Newton forecasting doomsday date. Newton, the father of modern mathematics, has devoted much of his life to the quest to decode the Bible which he believes is the word of God. For over 50 years, studied the Bible trying to unravel God’s secret laws of the universe.

He was fanatical in his quest to discover the date of the second coming of Christ and the end of the world. Scholars have spent years trying to unravel the writings of Newton on the Book of Revelation to establish when I thought the apocalypse was near.

For the first time, Newton: The Dark Heretic reveals the projected date in the lives of many people – 2060.

The BBC had infrequent access to Newton’s original manuscripts in Hebrew National Library in Jerusalem. Buried in his papers, Dr. Stephen Snobelen, University of King’s College in Nova Scotia, which is the original document where Newton had written his prediction. In 2060, Newton believed that the dramatic events planned in the apocalyptic book of Revelation would occur: the plagues and massive fires, the terrible battle of Armageddon between good and evil and destruction and eternal damnation of the wicked.

Producer Neaum Malcolm says: “Newton prayed daily for the end of the world that he believed that announce the second coming of Christ. This may mark the beginning in 1000, the rule of the saints and Newton believed that then take place as San boss."

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