Meet The Natives: England and USA

  • Published 2 years ago
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Fascinating documentary that turns traditional anthropology on its head. Five members of a tribe in a remote South Pacific island travel ten thousand miles to observe the natives of a strange and exotic country – Britain and the U.S..

Armed with video cameras and warm clothing, five South Pacific island of travel throughout the UK, recording their experiences of living with the representatives of the three “tribes” of Britain: the working class and middle class upper class.

From KFC bargain buckets karaoke, housework to fox hunting, dog and stately living rooms, the five ambassadors to immerse themselves in modern British culture, making observations on the profound and moving way.

What the natives say, “The people of England and the U.S. come here and see all around us. But what if we go to them and live in their villages and learn their ways?”

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