Lord of the Ants

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Occasionally there is a giant in the arena of science, someone who transcends the narrow limits of a particular line of research and alters our worldview. EO Wilson is a man. Ant expert EO Wilson has devoted his career to the study of small creatures. However, what separates him is his ability to step back and see the grand scheme of things.

The newly appointed Harvard University, Wilson ignores the charges for molecular biologists who work with the ants is a mere “stamp collecting.” You will find extraordinary means of communication ants, opening new areas of study.

Wilson realizes that the chemicals that govern the behavior of an ant must have a genetic basis. Does this true for other animals, including humans? His response, the 1975 book Sociobiology, a storm of controversy. As the controversy dies down slowly, Wilson turns his attention to a new crisis: the continuing loss of biodiversity.

In the Florida Keys, which carries out an innovative experiment that provides key data for the new field of conservation biology. Now in its sixth decade of Harvard University, Wilson launched his Encyclopedia of Life, and continues to write books and actively campaigning to protect what remains of the endangered ecosystems in the world. (Excerpt from pbs.org)

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