Life In Prison: A Project Envision

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The documentary focuses on one very important question: Should people sentence to life in prison be allowed to die in the convenience of their home if they are sick. Or in other words, should terminally ill prisoners be let out to die in the arms of their family?

That is the question that you ask yourself after watching the 30-minute television special focusing on three California state prisons. The documentary also features the California Medical Facility, housing the oldest and sickest inmates in California.

Many people will say that lifers should serve their sentence completely. There will be even people saying that people crying to be released to die of cancer at home should be shot.

But isn’t forgiveness one of the principles of our society? Should we forgive and allow people a second chance? And one more important question, how good is the health care system in prisons? How good is the health care prisoners get? That is a question you will find the answer to in the documentary.

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