Keepers of the Forest: A Tribe of the Amazon in the Modern World

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The Kaingang people are a Native American ethnic group spread out over the three southern Brazilian states of Parana, Santa Catarina, and Rio Grande do Sul. They are also present in the southeastern state of Sao Paulo.

Kaingang people are sometimes Aweikoma, and Caingang, and at 3,000 years old, they are some of the oldest nations in the world. They are 1,000 years older than Christianity.

Their history and culture is almost completely unknown in the English-speaking world. That is because few people have come in contact with them, and spread the world. This documentary takes a look at their fascinating history.

One of their biggest marks is that they do not live long in one place. They tend to move a lot. But they also have a crucial relation with the land where they were born and their ancestors were buried.

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