Jambo Amani - Documentary on Kongo Forces of Liberation

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There are always two sides to a story, and that is even truer in war. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, the rebel group known as Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda believes they are doing a good job.

The military rebel group is responsible for several terrorist acts, and hundreds of dead civilian. The group was first formed in 2000 as a direct answer to the Second Congo War. The fighting has continued ever since.

But as with every war, not all participants know what they are fighting for, and believe in what they are fighting for is right. A group of Congolese FDLR militiamen have decided to renounce violence, and surrender their weapons.

The documentary Jambo Amani, awarded for best short film for 2014, follows these men as they leave violence behind, and enter the reintegration program of the United Nations. After leaving their weapons, they were taken to the City of Goma, where their new life began.

How they decided to make the decision? What influenced their decision? And what are the challenges that await them? The documentary tries to answer those questions as good as possible by interviewing the men that left guns behind.

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