How Did the Universe Begin?

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Only a man with a brain the size of Stephen Hawking seriously the challenge of answering the question: How did the universe begin? in less than 30 minutes, while intended for the general population.

Conference Hawking is a master class in the conciseness and clarity of thought. It rotates through the history of thought on the subject, beginning with a view of biblical principles that the world was created by God around 6,000 years ago. And it was not the only theory dreamed cockamanie the following millennia. Until the 20th century, the dominant thinking considers the universe as eternal, static extension that has no beginning or end, and where, as Hawking is, “nothing exciting ever happened.”

Hawking himself, of course, has been instrumental in overturning many of the proposals on the false origin and development of the universe, refute (in his doctoral thesis, for the love of God), the “rebound” theory, which proposes that the universe expanded and contracted in time infinitely.

And his work with Gary Gibbons in the 1970′s and early 1980 ran a viable mechanism that explains why the universe is “lumpy” of galaxies, instead of uniformly distributed matter through. “It was a problem I thought I would answer,” says Hawking. An authority to talk about what they know to the general public?

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