Auschwitz: The Nazi Final Solution

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Auschwitz was the site of the largest mass murder the world has ever seen. This milestone, 6-piece set of charts the evolution of the field and the mentality of the perpetrators, and shows how the place in relation to the Nazi extermination campaign in general.

Written and produced by award winning filmmaker Laurence Rees, and the use of new research, the series offers a unique perspective on the field in which more than one million people were killed mercilessly. The first episode, “Beginnings amazing,” says the first day of camp and the way it was originally intended for a very different purpose than the murder of the Jews.

This film does a great job in investigating this part fascinating, disgusting and important in our history. What happened in Nazi Germany is not a story for Jews. It’s a story for all citizens of the world. This series of films gives an in depth view of what happened in Nazi Germany and exactly what happened.

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