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This documentary interviews the innovating and ground-breaking beginning of the designers behind the movement of Arduino, a small, open-source hardware microcontroller platform, and touches upon how it will influence students, engineers, and garage tinkerers alike.

William Gurstelle explains that The Arduino, a type of open source hardware, is easily understandable and fairly straightforward to use: a board can be bought and attached to a personal computer via a cable, and then instructions can be loaded into the Arduino’s processor via the personal computer. The Adruino can do bodily functions like turning on or off the motors, displays, valves and lights attached to it based on the information transmitted by whatever sensors they have been attached to, once they have been programmed for the same.

It is gathering interest because of its flexibility as a prototyping platform for a varying range of applications, from oscillators to robots to 3d printers, just to name a few.

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