Fighting adultery in China

Aug 4, 2023 | Crime, Social, Videos

Meet Chinese private detective, Zhang Yufen, also known as the ‘concubine killer.’ In a society that often looks down on divorced women, Zhang has made it her mission to bring cheating husbands to account. For twenty years, she’s been tracking down wealthy men who cheat on their wives, often with modern concubines, known as ‘second wives.’ These second wives are a status symbol for many rich and powerful men, but if the men don’t appear to earn a lot of money, they’re often suspected of corruption.
Through Zhang’s story, ‘Third Person’ delves into the often unspoken topic of fidelity in a culture where it’s more acceptable to cover up cheating than to seek justice for the betrayed. We see Zhang’s tenacity as she fights for justice against unfaithful husbands, a fight that has even landed her in jail. Join us as we explore Zhang’s journey, from finding out about her own husband’s infidelity to becoming China’s first female private detective, in this gripping new documentary that challenges societal norms.”

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David B