A Syrian Story About The Future

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The video opens with the sound of child talking how are they going to Germany. “We will be going through these little boats, and a lot of people are not surviving. But we have to do it. For me, I don’t have another choice”.

This is the reality many Syrian refugees find themselves in since the start of the civil war that has devastated the country. From the start of the Syrian crisis, more than 6 million refugees are trying to find shelter outside of the country. The most common destination among them is Western Europe.

The crisis with Syrian refugees is at full steam currently, with Western countries trying to find a way to close their borders. And with the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, Istanbul and now Brussels, things are not looking good for Syrian refugees.

The short, but educational documentary takes a close look at some of the refugees and their future. The team that filmed the documentary arrived in Istanbul in September 2015, and since then they’ve talked to refugees from different backgrounds.

The goal of the team behind the documentary is to show the Western world that Syrian people are more than just refugees, and hope that they people will get better understanding of the situation.

And as one of the refugees says it, “I will cross the border. I will either die, or I will arrive in Europe”. He swears that his country is beautiful, but the living conditions are preventing him and others to live a happy life in Syria.

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