A Short History of Hitchhiking

  • Published 5 months ago
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Hitchhiking is one of the most popular methods of transportation for Nomads these days. You’ll be surprised to see how many people travel around the world by hitchhiking. The life of a Nomad is a popular term used for people who ride along with strangers to get from Point A to Point B.

In the United States, hitchhiking become a popular method of transportation during the Great Depression. However, it wasn’t as smooth and as easy always. There were times when safety was an issue, with drivers warning other drivers publicly that some hitchhikers might rob them.

There were even reports of sexual assault and murders. Hitchhikers warned of the same dangers and crimes carried out by drivers. The practice was not legal in many countries in the States, but as time passed, hitchhiking was gaining ground.

Today, this method of transportation is legal in 44 of the 50 States in America, as long as the hitchhiker is not standing on the roadways.

Hitchhikers have a simple way to indicate they need a ride, and that is by extending their arm with the thumb upward. The hand is closed, only the thumb sticks upward. This documentary shows the brief history of hitchhiking in the States, from the times of the Great Depression to the modern way of Nomad traveling.

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