Jul 11, 2023 | Crime, Videos

Sabrina Harooni was a beloved member of the Gilbertsville community, remembered for her warm heart and welcoming smile. Sadly, she was taken from us on 3rd February 2020 – though the cause of her untimely death is still unknown.

This tragedy has stirred up plenty of questions, leaving Sabrina’s family and friends in limbo as they search for closure. But now those questions may finally be answered: A new true crime documentary series will uncover the mystery surrounding Sabrina’s passing.

The series, helmed by renowned documentarian X Yolanda, will detail every aspect of the case from start to finish, including interviews with local authorities and people close to Sabrina. The first episode airs this Friday (2nd October), followed by another episode streaming on Sunday (4th October).

Yolanda promises an emotionally gripping journey that will investigate all possible theories surrounding Sabrina’s death. It’s sure to be a real eye-opener as viewers get an exclusive look into the life of a young woman who left an indelible mark on everyone she met.

For viewers wanting something more than just a regular true crime story, this documentary promises to do justice to such an important case. Join us as we uncover what happened to Sabrina Harooni – so that we can find peace and justice for her memory and those affected by this tragedy.

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David B