The wreck of the Estonia, a ferry that sank to the bottom of the Baltic Sea in 1994, claimed 852 lives and was never salvaged. Over two decades later, it remains sealed beneath sand as an official burial ground. Only 95 bodies were ever recovered from the icy 8-degree Celsius waters – all other victims remain entombed.

It’s estimated that at least 140 children lost their lives in this tragedy – a statistic that serves as an even starker reminder of why we must ensure safety regulations are met for all vessels on our seas.

This incredible story is highlighted in a recently released documentary entitled ‘The Unsolved Mystery of the MS Estonia’. With interactive maps and gripping interviews with survivors and investigators, this documentary provides valuable insight into what exactly happened that fateful night. It also offers time to reflect on how such disasters can be prevented in future.

We strongly encourage readers to watch this important documentary and learn more about one of Europe’s deadliest maritime tragedies. The Unsolved Mystery of the MS Estonia is available now on various streaming services for free or low cost – don’t miss out!