Zach Bush MD & Kelly Noonan Gores – Transforming Health Through Connection & Community

Jun 20, 2023 | Health, People, Videos

As a society, we have veered away from our roots as a species that thrives in close-knit communities. Our focus has moved towards valuing our health as a commodity, rather than a priority. We often choose the cheaper and more convenient option over quality and efficacy. This way of thinking has brought about a state of isolation, never before experienced in this world.
Distancing has suddenly become second nature. Our subconscious has adapted to this new way of living far too quickly and easily. This sudden change has resulted in a feeling of disconnection, not only from others but from oneself. This period of isolation is just as challenging for adults as it is for children.
The pandemic has brought about many questions. What does our future look like? How can we adjust to the new normal? Will things ever go back to the way they were before? In a moment when everything may seem hopeless, we must arm ourselves with the hope that health and connection is something we can take back. It is something we can regain.
The power of community is something that can support us towards making informed, conscious decisions about our health. We can safely question the current ways of thinking and being in pursuit of a new and better future. Even in moments of isolation, we know that we are always surrounded by other like-minded individuals, even if we cannot see them or touch them.
It is a great time to contemplate about what the future holds and what path we should take. Creating something new together is what we should aim for. That is why we invite you to watch Zach Bush MD and Kelly Noonan Gores’ documentary. They uncover how a new awareness can usher in a new way of being, exploring ways to embody connection, communication, and curiosity from a place of compassion.

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David B