Yungeen Ace - "Through the Pain"

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In just a short 12 months, Keyanta Bullard, AKA Yungeen Ace, has quickly established himself as the biggest rapper out of Jacksonville, Florida with over a few hundred million total streams, +175M YouTube views & +1.6M Instagram followers.
“Through The Pain” can be broken up into three acts, each one offering the viewer insight on how Ace deals with indescribable loss, adversity, pain and prison while on the road to superstardom, all in real time.
One minute you are in New York City with Ace, following him on a press run for his new project and the next, at his brothers grave for the first time since surviving the horrific drive by shooting that took his brother and two best friends, which he also describes in chilling detail.
Ace’s music is his therapy and his fans and critics alike have Ace on their radar as a leader in the next class of premier artists.
With the weight of the world on his shoulders, this documentary leaves you rooting for Yungeen Ace, and praying he can take the next crucial step to becoming an A-list Hip Hop legend.

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