Young, German and Jewish

Aug 6, 2023 | People, Social, Videos

This documentary provides a glimpse into the lives of young German Jews who struggle to fit into society. Despite their desire to be seen as normal and not just victims of anti-Semitism, they face prejudices daily. In German schools, calling someone a Jew is considered a common slur. Even young Jews themselves sometimes have a hard time understanding their religion, culture, and beliefs.
Filmmaker Jan Tenhaven explores the story of young Jews aged between 12 and 25. The documentary features interviews with Ilan, Roman, and Paula and others, who share their experiences of growing up Jewish in Germany. Raw and unedited footage provides an in-depth look into the young and vibrant Jewish culture in Germany today. The conversations are interspersed with reports of anti-Semitic incidents to raise awareness of the struggles faced by young Jewish people in German society.

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David B