The old cliche, ‘you’ll regret that when you’re older’ is often said of tattoos. But what if that wasn’t the case? What if getting inked when you were young could be something to look back on fondly later in life? This is the premise of Angie Bird’s short documentary exploring elderly people with tattoos.

This film dives into the meanings and memories behind these tattoos and challenges the notion that they will be regretted as the years pass by. In it, viewers meet a variety of individuals with stories to tell about how their tattoos came to be and what they mean to them. Maybe it’s an ode to family members who have passed or a reminder of their youth, but all are testament to the fact that having ink does not necessarily have to evoke regret.

In addition to featuring interviews with some amazing people from different corners of life, this documentary also highlights some impressive artwork done by some of today’s top tattoo artists. Allowing us a glimpse into what can be achieved with body art and encouraging more creativity within this realm.

This film has something for everyone, whether you have no tattoos or many. If you’re curious about what getting inked holds for the future or just looking for inspiration then this documentary has plenty to offer. So don’t miss out on watching Angie Bird’s “Tattoos: When You’re Older” – it may surprise you!