You Think You Know Everything about New York City? Find Out the Biggest Secrets

  • Published 6 years ago
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You probably know about a million things you can do and see in New York City. However, no matter how well informed and knowledgeable you are about the Big Apple, there are always things you probably didn’t know.

For example, did you know there is a secret train track underneath the Waldorf Astoria? The private train station was used for celebrities before private jets became the standard.

Or, did you know that at the Financial District, there is a World War I fighter plane perched on the rooftop? Or that there is a morbid anatomy museum with skeletons, memorials and specimens preserved in jars in New York City?

And while the Berlin War is the symbol of Berlin, there is also a public art symbol in New York city at the corporate Midtown public plaza. It is a place where people get their lunch break, and serves as the centerpiece of life in the Midtown public plaza.

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