You Can’t Buy Waves | A Surf Documentary shot on the BMPCC 6K

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Surfing is a surface water sport in which an individual, a surfer, uses a board to ride on the forward section, or face, of a moving wave of water, which usually carries the surfer towards the shore.
Surfing is the sport of riding on the top of a wave while standing or lying on a special board.
Learning to surf is not easy, it takes time, a lot of time. This is why we often say you cannot buy waves.
How hard it actually is? Well, from mastering the popup, to reading the waves and navigating the lineup and brutal paddle outs, surfing can be one of the hardest sports to master.
But it is worth it. There are many benefits, including boosting heart health, improving mental health, helping with coordination and balance, improving sleep, strengthening muscles, and improving posture.

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