Xinjiang: China’s Muslim minorities

Aug 16, 2023 | Political, Short, Social, Videos

For years, Beijing has been targeting the ethnic minority of Uighurs in Xinjiang region, subjecting them to brutal repression and genocide for daring to speak their own language, practice their religion, and express their identity. High-ranking government officials and powerful business tycoons in China collude in this cultural warfare that seeks to erase the Uighurs’ very existence.
But the repercussions of China’s ethnic cleansing extend well beyond its borders. From Europe to North America, Uighurs in exile have reported being harassed and persecuted by Chinese intelligence services. As human rights activists and dissidents around the world call for action and global intervention, the stories of three Uighurs who survived the ethnic cleansing come to the fore. “Third Person” follows their harrowing journey from internment camps to exile, their sense of loss and resilience, and their hopes of reclaiming their cultural identity and land.

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David B