World’s Toughest Border Patrol | Beyond Borders: USA

Aug 2, 2023 | People, Social, Videos

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE/ERO) is the subject of an eye-opening and captivating documentary series, Beyond Borders – Inside American Immigration. With unparalleled access to ICE/ERO operations during the last year of President Trump’s term, this series takes viewers on a thrilling journey through the ongoing battle between those trying to elude justice and government officials enforcing the law.

From in-depth interviews with agents involved in this delicate process to hard-hitting looks into how decisions are made, Beyond Borders sheds light on the real issues beyond U.S. borders that often go unseen. With its timely and impactful storytelling, it gives audiences an insight into the arduous process that many immigrants face when trying to enter or stay in America legally.

By offering a closer look into both sides of the immigration process, Beyond Borders delves deep into not just the challenges that come with border control but also humanizes those affected by it. Featuring heartbreaking stories from those who wish for nothing more than a chance at a better life, this series captures the raw emotion behind these struggles and shines a light on individuals whose lives have been forever changed by trying to make their dreams reality.

It is truly an invaluable experience for any viewer looking to gain insights into America’s immigration system and why it has become such a hot button issue in recent years. Those wishing to learn more about what goes on behind closed borders should watch Beyond Borders – Inside American Immigration and join us as we explore this critical topic together.

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David B