World’s Most Dangerous Roads | Best Of – Philippines, India, China & Bangladesh

Oct 10, 2023 | Environmental, Videos

The Halsema Highway, situated on the island Luzon, leads right through the Philippine jungle with its frequent fog and heavy rainfalls. Every trip on this so-called road is an adventure and highly dangerous. We accompany a bus driver and a taxi driver on their challenging trip across the mountains.

It is a road of mountain passes and India’s access to the roof of the world – the Himalayas. This 475-kilometre long route at the northernmost tip of the Indian subcontinent connects the cities of Manali and Leh at the heart of the Ladakh region. The term “highway” applies quite literally, since the route traverses five of the highest drivable mountain passes in the world – among these the Lohtang La at 3,978 metres above sea level, the Lachulung La at 5,059 metres and the Tanglang La at 5,325 metres. Crossing these passes is a challenge for both vehicle and man. The mountain peaks, still snow-capped even in the depths of summer, wide variety of vegetation and the fantastic and craggy landscape turn any journey into a captivating adventure.

The Sichuan Tibet Highway is the road of longing for many. It leads through fascinating landscapes and remote areas up to the Himalayan Mountains. We accompany truck driver Ren Taiping on his trip to the Tibetan capital city of Lhasa, encountering pilgrims, mountain bikers and nomads on this dangerous journey.

In Bangladesh, the land with the highest density of population in the world (and the highest amount of corruption), the daily struggle to survive is fought everywhere, including the streets. Nowhere do people drive as brutally and recklessly as here. In Bangladesh you drive on the road like others drive with a bumper car: if you need space, you simply ram the car driving next to you. The police only came if there are fatalities. The biggest bottleneck in the transport system is the historical old town of Dhaka.


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