World’s Most Bizarre Air Freighter | Mega Air

Nov 19, 2023 | Aviation, People, Videos

Mega Air, an incredible documentary series, brings viewers a unique look into the fascinating 6 trillion-dollar air freight industry. From a close-up perspective of the bizarre Airbus Beluga, to following one wealthy classic car enthusiast on his journey airfreighting an early car model to the famous UK rally; and even the delivery of UPS’s brand new Boeing 747-8, which is currently the largest freighter made in the US – this series has it all!

This gripping series takes viewers behind the scenes of some of the most extraordinary processes in air freighting from around the world. Not only do viewers meet inspirational people at the forefront of this industry, but they witness first hand some of the more peculiar items that are transported by planes that astound.

Whether you’re fascinated by aircrafts or curious about global logistics and transportation solutions – you’ll be guaranteed to learn something new when watching Mega Air. With its captivating storytelling style and up close views of unique aircrafts, this documentary is sure to leave its audience wanting more! So don’t miss out on seeing what goes on behind closed doors in this multi-trillion

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David B