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May 23, 2023 | Environmental, Technology, Videos

Norway-UK 1200 KM Super Pipeline: Tapping into Norway’s Second Largest Gas Deposit
If you are someone who is fascinated by cutting-edge technological engineering, then do not miss the documentary “Norway-UK 1200 KM Super Pipeline”.
The documentary revolves around a pipeline stretching 1200 km from Norway to the United Kingdom, making it the longest subsea pipeline in the world. What makes the pipeline even more unique is that it is being used to tap into Norway’s second-largest gas deposit. Experts believe that this deposit is capable of providing 20% of the UK’s gas needs for decades to come.
One factor that makes this project stand out is its unconventional location. The deposit is located 3 km below the ocean’s surface and 120 km offshore. Therefore, all the construction work for the pipeline will be executed by robots working against strong underwater currents, sub-zero temperatures and extreme wind and wave conditions.
This project is a true testament to human ingenuity and engineering skills. When tapped, the gas will be transported to one of the largest automated gas processing plants to prepare it for shipment to the UK.
Don’t miss this opportunity to watch the unimaginable come true with your own eyes!

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David B