World’s Largest Vegetable Market, Green Cliffs & a Dwarf Village | Mystery Places

Aug 27, 2023 | Food/Drink, People, Videos

Mystery Places is an exciting documentary series that takes the viewer around the world to explore some of the most fascinating and unusual places. In this episode, we visit Gujarat for their annual international kite festival, a spectacular event that celebrates the start of spring. Here, you’ll witness vibrant colors and intricate designs as are kites fill the sky.

We also travel to beautiful China to meet an artist who has taken it upon himself to paint cliffs in bright green pigments. This unique project has earned him quite a name and many admirers. During our journey we will also explore some of the world’s most unique homes, such as those in India’s biggest vegetable market and China’s Dwarf Village.

Mystery Places is a must-see show for anyone looking for an adventure – one that takes them away from their everyday lives and into a realm of beauty and fascination. Come join us as we uncover stunning secrets around the world in every episode of Mystery Places!

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David B