World’s Largest Flower Auction & Extreme Transport of a Racing Car | Mega Air

Dec 7, 2023 | Technology, Videos

Mega Air, a documentary series, has lifted the lid on the world of air freight – a colossal industry driving global commerce across the skies. In this groundbreaking documentary, the viewer will see a detailed insight into the billion-dollar industry and its intense operations.
The series explores various aspects of the incredible industry, from the roses that are flown around the globe and auctioned in a building as large as Monaco, to a top-of-the-range car that gives Heathrow handlers a run for their money. Not forgetting the canine airport workers, like Croc, who keep operations moving at East Midlands Airport.
Throughout the documentary, viewers will get a glimpse into how the sector has revolutionized the way commerce is conducted worldwide and how it has impacted different sectors of the industry.
The tales in the documentary range from gasping at the extraordinary processes, celebrating the more peculiar items that are transported in aircraft, to rejoicing in mind-boggling feats.
This show will increase your knowledge of the air freight industry that plays an essential role in the global economy. Without air-freight, it would be difficult for many sectors to operate effectively. With the production of this documentary, one is exposed to the intense work completed by workers in this industry and how it has managed to beat the odds to continue operating.
We encourage you to watch the entire Mega Air series for an immersive experience into the world of airfreight that beggars belief and discover the true scope and extent of the air freight industry.

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David B