World’s Biggest Vertical Garden & Curious Plastic Bottle Village | Mystery Places

Aug 15, 2023 | Environmental, Travel, Videos

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to visit some of the world’s most mysterious, unique and hidden places? Well, now you can with the new documentary series “Mystery Places”. In this captivating journey, you will explore intriguing locations from all across the globe including a plastic bottle village in Panama, floating boats in Greece, a tower in Sydney, Chernobyl and an underground fire in Pennsylvania.

You will discover the fascinating story behind the Plastic Bottle Village of Panama which is made up of thousands of recycled plastic bottles and has become a source of income for its inhabitants. The documentary even takes us to exotic Greece where we get to witness breathtaking views of traditional boats that float on top of crystal-clear water. Plus, China’s unique tradition called Molten Iron Throwing is explored where molten iron is poured into molds to create sculptures.

Moreover, viewers get to appreciate the beauty and grandeur of One Central Park Tower in Sydney as they explore its stunning architecture and terraces filled with lush greenery. We also take a chilling trip to Chernobyl – home of one of the world’s worst nuclear accidents – and understand how nature is slowly reclaiming these deserted lands. Lastly, we uncover how an underground coal mine fire has been burning for over 50 years and how it continues to affect the Centralia town located near Pennsylvania.

So if you are looking for exciting adventure filled with interesting facts about some of world’s hidden destinations then make sure to watch Mystery Places! Through each episode, you will gain insight into cultures from around the world while being both entertained and educated at the same time.

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David B