World’s Biggest Planes | Ultimate Vehicles | S01 E02

Aug 8, 2023 | Aviation, Videos

The sky is full of incredible aircrafts, from the size and power of the Airbus A380 to luxurious 787 business jets. Modern aviation technology has come a long way since its origin 100 years ago, with advances in materials and design that have enabled airplanes to become bigger, faster and more efficient.

Take the Airbus A380 for example; it’s biggest passenger aircraft in the world and can fit up to 853 passengers over two levels. This remarkable feat was only made possible through the use of innovative materials during construction. On the other hand, you have the Antonov An-124 cargo plane which remains one of the strongest planes ever built and is capable of transporting rocket launching ramps. It’s arrival at any airport around the globe is quite an event.

But these two are not alone when it comes to extraordinary aircrafts; you also have SOFIA, a modified Boeing 747SP which has been turned into a flying observatory! It’s equipped with powerful instruments and cameras which allow it to conduct detailed studies of space objects in great detail. For those who want something more exclusive there’s always the Dreamjet – a Boeing 787 – for hire at 700,000 US dollars an hour! Finally there’s DC-3; it was once one of world’s biggest passenger planes but today it’s used by remote areas of Colombia’s Amazon basin as their connection to outside world.

These amazing aircrafts are all featured in an incredible documentary which provides insight into their unique capabilities; from their revolutionary designs to what they’re used for today. So why not take time out to explore these magnificent specimens? It’ll be an eye-opening journey you won’t forget!

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David B