World Behind Bars: Prison Camp for Children VS Senior Citizens Prison and more

Dec 4, 2023 | People, Videos

We all know how hard it can be to face the realities of aging, especially when those realities include being locked away behind bars. But what if instead of seniors, the incarcerated were children? This is an issue explored in a fascinating documentary, Prison Camp for Children VS Senior Citizens Prison.

The film takes us to two very different prisons – one for senior citizens, and another for children – in order to explore their unique characteristics and day-to-day life within each facility. It’s a gripping story that dives deep into the harsh realities of living in prison and the struggles both seniors and children face in trying to stay connected with the outside world.

In addition to offering insight into the lives of seniors living in prisons, this documentary includes a heartwarming story about inmates at one prison who are tasked with producing traditional Italian cakes known as panettone. The prisoners involved are felons, yet they show incredible skill and knowledge while baking these special desserts. Their skills have even won them an impressive customer: The Pope himself places a large order every year!

From learning how daily life differs between two vastly different prisons system to admiring the talents of felons baking incredible cakes, there is something for everyone in this thought-provoking documentary. By viewing it, you can gain a greater understanding of what life is like on both sides of the fence—and how both seniors and children deal with being locked away in prison. We highly encourage you to watch this remarkable film and witness firsthand just how moving it truly is.

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David B