Working as a Jail Guard in a US Jail | The Insider: Reggie Yates

Aug 17, 2023 | People, Videos

Reggie Yates is back at the Guildford County Jail in North Carolina for an insider look into life behind bars. After spending a week living as an inmate, Yates returns to the jail this time as a guard. He works with prisoners who have committed crimes ranging from minor misdemeanours to murder.

The documentary, which airs on BBC Three, follows Reggie Yates as he experiences first-hand what it’s like to work in such an environment, under heavy scrutiny and pressure. The show sheds light on the realities of incarceration and its effects both on individuals and society as a whole. It is definitely an eye-opening experience that even those outside of the criminal justice system can relate to.

Viewers are invited to witness how Reggie navigates this difficult and complex world, as he tries to make sense of his own role within it: Is he part of the solution? Is he part of the problem? From his interactions with inmates, prison staff, and correctional officers, discover just how hard it is for all involved parties in this struggle for a better tomorrow.

So don’t miss out on this incredible journey! Tune into BBC Three’s “The Insider” with Reggie Yates to get an up-close look at life inside one of America’s toughest prisons. Experience what incarceration really means for everyone involved and come away with a deeper understanding of our criminal justice system – it’s certainly not something you want to miss!

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