Women, social media and the revolution – Digital warriors

Aug 8, 2023 | Activism, Culture, Social, Sports, Videos

The documentary explores the power of social media to initiate social change and spark revolutions, as it follows the journeys of four women from around the world who have used various online platforms to mobilize support in and beyond their communities. The film shines a light on how these women are changing the world through their activism, resilience and determination.
From challenging compulsory headscarves in Iran to fighting against female genital mutilation in Guinea, the women of this documentary represent the power of the people when united together. But it is not just the issues they fight for that have inspired various communities, it is how they have connected with and engaged people worldwide through social media. The film captures the voices of these women who are making a difference, using difficult news stories from around the world, and leveraging the strengths of the people they have connected with. This documentary showcases the importance of having a larger footprint in this day and age, and how technology has played a pivotal role in igniting social change.

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David B