Wind power getting headwind in Germany

Jul 18, 2023 | Environmental, Political, Videos

Wind power has long been the backbone of Germany’s ambitious plans to achieve its climate goals while transitioning away from nuclear and coal power. However, the construction of wind turbines has stalled, leaving the country’s renewables sector in jeopardy. In the shocking documentary, “Germany’s Wind Power Crisis: A Province Revolts,” filmmaker Jörg Moll uncovers the complexity of Germany’s energy transition and what needs to happen for the country to meet its climate targets in a cost-effective manner.
Moll takes viewers on a journey throughout Germany, meeting with conservationists, climate change deniers, renewable energy research institutes, and politicians to uncover the root causes of this crisis. As it turns out, political opposition and citizen protests against the construction of wind turbines have severely affected the sector. Will Germany be able to tackle environmental problems without losing public support? Or will it succumb to the pressure of angry wind power opponents, putting its entire renewable energy industry at risk? Don’t miss this eye-opening documentary that puts the spotlight on Germany’s struggle to achieve clean energy and combat climate change.

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David B