Will robots steal our jobs? – The future of work (2/2)

Aug 5, 2023 | Economics, Social, Technology, Videos

As we face Industry 4.0, human labor is being replaced by intelligent machines at an alarming rate. The once-promising work environment is now a dystopian workplace where humans are struggling to compete with the unmatched efficiency and capacity of AI technology. As machines become more intelligent, millions of people worldwide face the threat of being replaced in the workplace, as employers attempt to minimize costs.
In this gripping documentary, robots take center stage. It investigates speciesism, economics, and the social upheaval associated with the rise of AI machines.  It explores what it will mean when intelligent robots and machines outnumber humans, leaving us with the question of whether we can continue to control our own creation or risk becoming a victim of our own technological progress. Find out more in ‘Robotics – Impacting the Workplace.’

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David B