The documentary ‘Feral Children’ takes a closer look at some of the more renowned cases of children who have been found living in the wild, away from human contact. Detailing the myths and realities of these situations, this thought-provoking film provides an incredible insight into the lives of those who have been raised by animals.

From compelling footage of these youngsters to stories steeped in traditional folklore, ‘Feral Children’ is never short on awe-inspiring content. Thus far, we’ve seen accounts from various continents – from Europe to North America – about wild children with remarkable skills and abilities that are indicative of their upbringing away from society.

Forensic psychologists have theorized that in some cases, feral children may even possess heightened senses due to their close relationship with nature. Meanwhile, other experts believe that they could retain certain memories and habits long after their return to civilization. By delving deeper into each case study through interviews and personal accounts, viewers will gain better insight into why feral children have managed to live in such harsh conditions outside of human society for so long.

With its captivating visuals and insightful commentary, this documentary is guaranteed to give you a unique perspective on the cultural phenomenon known as “feral children” – a must-watch for anyone interested in learning more about environmental anthropology or child psychology!