Why we should be putting solar panels on our fields and lakes

Jun 9, 2023 | Technology, Videos

The world is increasingly facing the challenge of transitioning to renewable sources of energy, and solar energy has become one of the most important resources in this effort. Solar power is reliable, abundant and does not cause pollution, but this does not mean that it comes without its own set of problems. For example, finding enough space for photovoltaic systems requires thoughtful land use planning, as we need to also account for food production, housing, and biodiversity conservation.

This difficult balance is explored in detail by the new documentary ‘Solar Power: The Price of Freedom’. In this feature-length film, viewers are taken on a journey around the world to showcase the various challenges and opportunities that solar energy presents. Director Lina Smith takes us on a deep dive into the issues surrounding our transition to solar power with interviews from notable speakers such as journalists, academics and industry experts.

The documentary brings up questions about land use planning and examines how different countries have been able to successfully manage their solar energy needs while also meeting other important goals like preserving biodiversity and protecting traditional communities. It provides an eye-opening look at what is possible when governments are serious about using their resources responsibly in order to create a more sustainable future for everyone.

With a compelling narrative and incredible visuals from all over the globe, ‘Solar Power: The Price of Freedom’ provides an engaging overview of one of humanity’s greatest challenges: transitioning to renewable sources of energy while respecting our planet’s vital ecosystems at the same time. This thought-provoking documentary is essential viewing for anyone looking to gain an understanding of this vital topic – so if you’re interested in learning more about our path towards an emissions-neutral future , be sure to watch ‘Solar Power: The Price of Freedom’ today!

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David B