Why wave power isn’t everywhere (yet)

Jul 31, 2023 | Technology, Videos

The oceans are vast and powerful, covering most of the planet’s surface, and holding within their depths an immense source of energy. Scientists have long known that the power of waves could be harnessed to provide a source of renewable energy, with estimates suggesting it could meet global demand three times over. Despite this potential, progress in unlocking the ocean’s energy has been slow. Until now.

Developers have recently made strides in creating innovative technologies that capture the ocean’s energy and convert it into electricity. This new wave of sea-based renewable energy is being heralded as a major breakthrough for tackling climate change and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. The documentary ‘Ocean Electricity’ brings these developments to life, showcasing technologies like wave farms, turbines, and hydro-kinetic devices that use the power of waves to generate electricity.

The documentary follows researchers around the world as they strive to make this clean power a reality. We get an inside look at projects in Europe, North America and Africa where ingenious developers are building new machines to harvest this previously untapped resource. These stories offer a glimpse into the potential of how we can use ocean energy in sustainable ways while simultaneously protecting our environment.

Thanks to this groundbreaking work taking place around the world, we may soon be able to reap the benefits of ocean energy on a larger scale than ever before – both economically and environmentally speaking. So why not dive into this fascinating topic by watching ‘Ocean Electricity’? It’s sure to be an enlightening experience!

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David B