Why Kim Jong-un Likes Building Rockets

Oct 12, 2023 | People, Technology, Videos

Despite what some might believe, North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong-un is far from a crazy overweight man with glasses. In fact, he is a cunning strategist and master manipulator who has managed to gain the upper hand against the United States in the ongoing geopolitical battle for global influence and power.

Through his calculated actions, including economic sanctions, military provocations, cyber espionage activities, and more recently a flurry of diplomatic gestures for peace and denuclearization, Kim Jong-Un has been able to outmaneuver the US and its allies at every turn. From missile tests that were meant to test its adversaries’ resolve to summit meetings that were viewed by many as diplomatic successes, Kim Jong-Un has consistently gained the upper hand despite being one of the most heavily sanctioned nations on earth.

The extent of Kim Jong-Un’s cunning strategy may come as a surprise to many but it can be further explored in the documentary “Rocketman: The Inside Story Of North Korea Under Kim”. This incredible documentary sheds light on many aspects of Kim Jong Un’s rule and gives viewers an exclusive look into what life is like inside North Korea. It weaves together interviews with top experts such as former US diplomats and government officials along with rare footage from inside North Korea itself, making it an essential watch for anyone interested in understanding the complexities of modern geopolitics.

From showcasing how North Korea interacts with other countries to revealing how citizens there live under oppressive conditions, Rocketman offers an unprecedented view into this little understood nation. By watching Rocketman you will gain a deeper understanding of both why and how Kim Jong-Un has managed to stay in power while keeping his people impoverished yet loyal. So if you’re interested in learning more about one of today’s most influential figures then make sure to watch Rocketman: The Inside Story Of North Korea Under Kim!

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David B