Why Is The Lioness The Real king of The Savannah? | WildLife Documentary | with subtitles

Jun 1, 2023 | Animals, Videos

Manyari is a fierce lioness and exemplary mother. She is the queen of her pride, but when two young bloods threaten to take over and kill her cubs, she takes them on a journey away from the safety of their home and family. Taking such a risk puts her cubs in danger, as they are unable to hunt for themselves while Manyari strives to find food and protect them from possible predators.

The odyssey is perilous. The harsh wilderness puts them in harm’s way and they soon become desperate for food. When hunger drives them dangerously close to the young princes that seek to oust Manyari from her pride, she is forced into even more daring acts of survival just to ensure that her cubs make it out alive. But will it be enough?

The documentary “Manyari: A Mother’s Fight” follows this brave lioness as she risks her life for her cubs every step of the way. Witness first-hand how far she will go to provide them with a chance at life, as she faces no shortage of dangers while struggling against the odds. It is an incredible story of courage and dedication, where viewers can truly appreciate how powerful maternal instinct can be.

Take this opportunity to watch an inspiring tale filled with peril and hope and see the raw power of love in action – follow Manyari on “A Mother’s Fight”!

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David B