Why Indonesian Waters Are the Most Dangerous in the World?

Aug 8, 2023 | Crime, People, Videos

Illegal fishing is a serious issue that is taking its toll on the environment and marine life in South-East Asia, particularly in Indonesia. One out of every four fish caught in this region is taken without approval from the government, a worrying statistic that highlights how pervasive illegal fishing has become.

The Indonesian government is taking steps to tackle this dangerous activity. They are putting measures into place to monitor fishing activity more closely while also strengthening their enforcement capabilities. This includes creating tougher laws and increasing penalties for violators.

This is why the recent documentary “Fishing Without Rules” is so important – it raises awareness of illegal fishing activities in Indonesia and highlights how it affects small communities who rely on fish as their primary source of food or income. The film documents the stories of individual fishermen and exposes the fallout due to illegal practices, such as overfishing and habitat destruction.

We should all lend our support to these efforts by watching “Fishing Without Rules” and learning more about the risks posed by illegal fishing in Indonesia. It is up to us as global citizens to be informed about these issues and take action when necessary – for people, planet, and profit.

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David B