Why Big Oil is betting on plastic

Sep 16, 2023 | Environmental, Technology, Videos

Big Oil, one of the most powerful industries in the world, is facing an uncertain future. As renewable energy becomes increasingly cheaper and readily available, as well as more popular due to environmental concerns, demand for gasoline has plummeted. With lockdowns hitting the world hard, many countries’ oil consumption has dropped significantly. In a desperate attempt to save their industry from decline, some Big Oil companies have started looking towards plastic production as a possible savior.

However, this plan may prove to be short-sighted. With the Paris Agreement aimed at reducing the world’s carbon emissions and governments around the globe setting ever stricter regulations on oil and gas companies, plastic production is an expensive and potentially hazardous gamble for Big Oil. The consequences are already being seen in some parts of the world where extreme weather events caused by rising temperatures have wreaked havoc on communities that rely heavily on oil production for their livelihoods.

The true impact of Big Oil’s actions can be seen in the upcoming documentary ‘Troubled Waters’. Directed by award-winning filmmaker Nisha Parti, it tells stories from communities all over the world affected by climate change and explores how rising global temperatures are impacting those who depend on natural resources to survive. By following activists working on solutions that combine both economic development and environmental protection while taking into account different cultural perspectives, Parti hopes to create a narrative that promotes understanding and solidarity between various groups.

As ‘Troubled Waters’ sheds light on how global warming is affecting people around the globe, it also serves as a timely reminder of how much further we still need to go when it comes to protecting our planet from runaway climate change caused by burning fossil fuels like those produced by Big Oil. So if you’re looking for insight into why we need to transition away from Big Oil and towards cleaner forms of energy sooner rather than later – no matter what they say – then watching this documentary might just be one of the best ways you can make an informed decision about your own energy choices.

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David B