Why are SUVs selling like crazy?

Aug 30, 2023 | Environmental, Technology, Videos

Car manufacturers have been capitalizing on the public’s obsession with SUVs. These large vehicles are seen gracing our roads and highways in increasing numbers, but at what cost? Evidence suggests that SUVs cause a lot of damage to the environment, from air pollution to strain on our city infrastructure.

SUVs contain a large engine and usually weigh more than other cars, meaning they consume more fuel in order to move. This increases vehicle emissions and contributes to air pollution and global warming. In addition, because of their mass, these vehicles put stress on city roadways, leading to faster wear and tear of the pavement.

The popularity of SUVs has also been linked to economic inequality between different regions of the world. The sales profits go mainly into wealthier countries like the US, UK, and Japan – leaving developing countries lagging behind in terms of sustainable transport solutions.

This documentary takes an important look at this issue – exploring why so many people are attracted to SUVs despite their environmental impact. It also offers potential solutions to reducing our reliance on them while still allowing people access to larger forms of transportation when necessary. With interviews with experts from both sides of the debate, this documentary is an essential watch for anyone interested in understanding the complex relationship between SUVs and the planet we call home.

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David B