Why African Americans are taking up arms ?

Jul 10, 2023 | Crime, People, Videos

The US gun ownership rate has surged in recent years, with a quarter of African Americans owning a firearm. As they continue to bear the brunt of shootings including those by police, they’re turning to gun clubs as a means to defend themselves. But with white Americans owning guns at a rate that’s 50% higher, are Black gun owners a threat to social harmony?
Enter Anubis Heru, founder of the 1770 Armory, the first black gun club in Colorado. He believes that being in control of guns means that the Black community doesn’t have to solely rely on police protection. The membership of his club is ever-increasing as he teaches safe firearm usage at shooting ranges. But amidst fears that Black gun ownership will exacerbate social tensions and lead to a rise in shootings, is Heru’s movement further dividing society or bringing communities together? Explore the poignant story of Anubis Heru and his quest to arm the Black community in “Third Person”.

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David B