Who Made Hitler?

Nov 5, 2023 | Environmental, People, Videos

On 8th May 2016, the world of art was rocked with the news that a sculpture depicting Adolf Hitler in prayer, titled Him, had sold for 13.3 million euros. The artist credited with this work was Italian superstar Maurizio Cattelan. But there was something strange about this sculpture – it was a commission from French artist Daniel Druet and so who really made it?

The mystery behind the creation of this controversial piece is explored in depth in the soon-to-be released documentary, ‘Him: The Story Behind the Sculpture’. The film follows its protagonist, Argentinian sculptor Carlos Rogel, as he journeys to Paris to uncover what is now considered one of the most iconic and valuable pieces of modern art. It delves into Rogel’s motivation for creating this piece and gives viewers an unprecedented look into the process and thought behind such a bold work.

This documentary also uncovers how a sculpture created by an unknown artist could have been sold at auction for such an exorbitant sum – something that has rarely been seen before or since. It offers insight into how creative collaboration between two influential international artists can result in a unique and powerful work of art that speaks to many people on different levels.

The level of intrigue around this enigmatic story makes ‘Him: The Story Behind the Sculpture’ a must watch documentary for those interested in contemporary art and also gives viewers an unparalleled understanding of how works of art are created from nothing more than inspiration and desire.

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David B