Who is welcome in the Sicilian town of Siculiana?

Nov 15, 2023 | People, Social, Videos

Deeply rooted in Siculiana, Sicily, is a love for a statue of Jesus that is black, a symbol of the town’s faith and devotion. But when black refugees began arriving in the community, many of the locals were less than welcoming. Despite the irony of the statue’s color, prejudice and fear of the “other” took hold.
Now, a documentary takes viewers on a journey to explore the origins of these emotions and prejudices, and follows the locals as they confront their own identity. Will they embrace the same practices and beliefs when it comes to their human neighbors as they do when worshipping their black Jesus? The answers may surprise you in this thought-provoking film that challenges us to look inward and learn to accept those who may seem different.

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David B