White People MTV Documentary

Feb 26, 2023 | Lifestyle, Social, Videos

To be white is the good thing? Or is it? People say you kind of get the feeling that “things belong to you”. Or do they? The new MTV “White People” documentary is a groundbreaking material on race. And unlike race documentary that usually focus on black and African-American people, this documentary focuses on what it means to be white?

The documentary explores the views of white, young people living in America. A journalist, Jose Antonio Vargas, takes the journey of life exploring the lives of white American people. Join him on the ride.

The first question that Jose asks his crowd is simple “What are you, and where are you from”? But remember, white is not a country.

So when you say white, what does that mean? To you? To people around you? To people who are not “white”?

Most white American live in a “life of a bubble”, where they are surrounded with other white American. So, what would their life be if they weren’t white? How would it be different?

Jose tries to answer those questions by including white people living in minority societies into the crowd. Are white people discriminated when they are minority? Find out. And how is “being a white minority” different than “being black minority”? Or Asian minority for that matter.

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Riyan H.