Where is Diana Duve? | Full Episode

Sep 1, 2023 | Crime, Videos

Investigation into a mysterious disappearance uncovered a stunning web of lies. When a woman vanished with her boyfriend, authorities soon realized his suspiciously luxurious lifestyle was funded by millions he had been entrusted with from his job at a bank – despite his tall tales of who he was and where the money had come from.

This gripping story is featured in an episode of “48 Hours,” part of the long-running true crime documentary series on CBS. Through extensive interviews, investigators take viewers inside this twisted tale to discover what really happened – and it’s guaranteed to be more shocking than any work of fiction.

The hour-long special also includes expert commentary from the team behind the show, delving deeper into the motivations and psychology behind criminal cases like this one. It’s an opportunity to gain insight into human nature that few other programs can offer, and no amount of effort can be spared in uncovering the truth about crimes like these.

Don’t miss your chance to watch this fascinating documentary unfold on “48 Hours” – now available on Pluto TV.

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David B