Where Are We Now and Where Are We Going (Lectures)

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Mr. Joseph had been lecturing about the unsustainability of the economy based on money – on the consumer cyclical, planned obsolescence, corporate malfeasance and the piles of toxic waste.

It’s time to wake up, sang, speaking solemnly through a wireless clip-on microphone. The doomsday scenario, the large contraction, which could be happening now. The system of monetary exchange is – in the face of advancing technology – completely obsolete.

Z-Day events taking place from New England to New Zealand, but this was the big one: the carp going on with the marquee names.

There in the crowd, was Jacque Fresco, an industrial designer and engineering guru of what people call without irony of the movement. Mr. Fresco, a dwarf of 93 years old, sat with his partner, Roxanne Meadows, smiling self-effacingly.

Although they were never actually shown – like most of those present had seen several times – Mr. Two films from Peter Joseph, Zeitgeist, the Movie and Zeitgeist: Addendum, were the backdrop of the night online documentaries have been, say, 50 million people around the world.

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